Friday, October 5, 2012

Off Base Percentage Postseason Picks

The postseason. It's the magical time of the year following a grueling 162 game marathon. The playoffs have everything needed for a baseball fairy tale. The unlikely underdogs, the evil Yankees, no hitters, little flags made out of gold and an elf won the 2006 World Series MVP. Also, the Pirates don't believe the postseason is real.

I'm sure you you've been waiting with bated breath for my predictions. You're in luck. Not only do you get my picks, made with an intricate scientific method involving the aerial rotation of coins, but you get the predictions from some other people with spare time on their hands.


Reason for being here: Founder and Editor of Off Base Percentage, Nonsense Czar

AL Wild Card
Texas over Baltimore in one game

New York over Texas in five games
Oakland over Detroit in four games

Oakland over New York in six games
MVP-Yoenis Cespedes
Cespedes is presented with a golden raft by the A's due an incentive clause

NL Wild Card
Atlanta over St. Louis in one game

Atlanta over Washington in five games
San Francisco over Cincinnati in four games

San Francisco over Atlanta in six games
MVP-Hunter Pence
Popular question during series is "When did Hunter Pence become a Giant or relevant?"

World Series
San Francisco over Oakland in six games
Dave Stewart Madison Bumgarner
Giants exact their revenge on the A's. Tony LaRussa gets the shakes but it has nothing to do with an earthquake.

Derwood Morris

Reason for being here: Co-founder of Off Base, asylum couldn't put the pieces back together again


Baltimore over Texas in wild card game
New York over Baltimore
Oakland over Detroit
LCS - New York over Oakland, MVP Rafael Soriano


Atlanta over St. Louis in wild card game
Washington over Atlanta
Cincinnati over San Francisco
LCS - Cincinnati over Washington, MVP Joey Votto

WS - Yankees over Reds, MVP - Robinson Cano

Couple other things:

1. During game one of the Yankees Division Series, the amount of time it takes someone to say either of the following:

"They play for world championships in New York, not division titles"


"They don't hang division title banners here."

11 seconds.

2. If the Reds and Athletics play each other in the World Series, I will refer to it as the Todd Benzinger Series.

Clint Evans

Reason for being here: Editor of Diamond Hoggers, fellow host of The Baseball Show podcast, resident Reds fan

Braves over Cardinals
Orioles over Rangers

Tigers over A's in 4
Yankees over Orioles in 5
Braves over Nationals in 4
Giants over Reds in 5

Tigers over Yankees in 6 MVP: Prince Fielder
Giants over Braves in 7 MVP: Madison Bumgarner

Tigers over Giants in 5
MVP: Austin Jackson


Reason for being here: My girlfriend, could not identify chloroform as the smell on that rag

AL Wild Card
Baltimore over Texas

New York over Baltimore
Detroit over Oakland

Detroit over New York
MVP-Miguel Cabrera

NL Wild Card
Atlanta over St. Louis

Washington over Atlanta
Cincinnati over San Francisco

Cincinnati over Washington
MVP-Aroldis Chapman

World Series
Detroit over Cincinnati
MVP-Justin Verlander

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