Sunday, October 7, 2012

At Least Tigers Fans Are Faithful

If there is one thing that you can't say about Tigers fans, it's that they support their players. Even when details like defensive ability and baserunning are presented in front of them.

It's rather endearing that they show up to the game with crowns on carrying banners with sayings on them like the one in the picture above. It's also, well, slightly annoying to be honest. And that's even if I leave WAR out of the equation.

Let's just say we scrap WAR, we'll just concentrate on offense since defense is obviously unnecessary in this whole "Most Valuable Player" argument. Here is the oWAR for the two main MVP candidates:

Mike Trout - 8.6
Miguel Cabrera - 7.4

So what Baseball Reference is saying here, and I want to make sure that I get this right, is that if you take defense out of the equation, Mike Trout was still worth more wins than Miguel Cabrera with his bat alone. Well, shit. And if you want to go and get your mind blown even more, Dave Cameron at fangraphs dropped this bomb on the MVP race.

How this is even a debate anymore is so......just.....I can't even.....*sigh*

I would like to say that I'm done and just walk away from anything that has to do with this MVP discussion, but I can't. Someone, somewhere says something like this on twitter:

For this guy's sake, I'm glad I vote Green Party every two years.

How about one more stat before I leave? This stat is called Offensive Win %. It is defined on Baseball Reference as what the winning percentage of a team with nine of one player would be. Assuming average pitching and defense.

Miguel Cabrera - .745, good for second in the AL

Mike Trout - .786, Yeah, that's the best in the majors, kind of like the season he just had.

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