Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Round Over, Tums Sales Skyrocket

So, that was fun. four series, all went five games. We had one team comeback from a 2-0 deficit to win the series, on the road. One near comeback from 2-0 with them losing game five at home(First time in LDS history). Four games in one series got decided by two runs or less, with two extra inning games to boot. And one series feature a game five come from behind win which was capped off by a four run ninth, just because, why not. Here are some of the best tweets from tonight as the Cardinals took the lead from the Nationals:

There are other sports?

It's that point where every Nationals fan jumped.

Or the Konami code, whatever.

Just had to bring James Madison into this didn't you.

There have already been far too many walk offs and bullpen implosions for local hospitals to keep up with the amount of people suddenly developing heart problems. Walmart has claimed that they have had to clear out entire aisles just so they can keep enough Tums stocked on the shelves for the rising demand for heartburn relief. Just in case you were wondering baseball fans, yes, Tums can be bought in bulk.

The only unfortunate so far this post season is that all the "underdog" teams are out. Which really is too bad. As much as I am not a Bryce Harper fan, The Washington fans would have been fun to watch should the Nationals had won it all. Think about it, how quickly and efficiently would a riot get shut down in D.C.? The fans in Oakland might have forced Lew Wolff to remove the tarps from the third deck had they gotten past the Tigers. Whether it would have been due to his greed or because this man showed up on his doorstep is to be decided. Personally, my money is on Ben. The poor Orioles can at least take solace in knowing that they ended their inability to win baseball games streak before the Pirates did. The O's had a great season, even though Buck Showalter only has one expression, it doesn't mean he's not proud.

Can we get a smile Buck? No? OK, fine.The ALCS starts today while the NLCS doesn't kick off until tomorrow. That gives you roughly five hours to go stock up on Tums, Maalox, Pepcid AC or whatever heartburn medication you prefer to take. I suggest getting a couple of bottles, because these playoffs aren't going to get any easier on the stomach.

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