Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ryan Langerhans' Golden Sombrero

A golden sombrero is awarded to a player who manages to strike out four times in a single game (real golden sombrero not included). It's quite the feat unless you're Ryan Howard or Mark Reynolds. Unfortunately, no-hitters and Brian Wilson's beard are all the rage nowadays. Not for me, though. I will pour over the box scores to bring you the finest at swinging and missing.

Due to the fact that the Mariners were contracted in my mind after their one-game playoff win against the Angels in 1995, I missed the actual first Golden Sombrero of the 2011 season. Please disregard half of my post about Shin-Soo Choo. And Shin, I'm going to need you to forward that Off Base t-shirt to Ryan Langerhans. Anyway, apologies all around. Let's go to the swinging and missing...

Top 4th: Langerhans struck out swinging against Trevor Cahill. I own Cahill in a fantasy league, how did I miss this game? Was it A) Alcohol B) Date night with the girlfriend or C) Destroying lawn furniture after the Angels loss? Answers at the end.

Top 5th: Langerhans struck out swinging against Cahill again. Did I think Langerhans was A) a Brave B) a National or C) a weird German dish?

Top 7th: Langehans struck out looking against Craig Breslow. Which is currently higher A) Breslow's ERA B) Breslow's age or C) Breslow's FIP?

Top 9th: Langerhans struck out swinging against Michael Wuertz. Was this quiz A) a complete waste of time B) the most fun ever or C) I'm a jackass?

1. Some of A, some of C
2. A
3. B, but not by much
4. D, all of the above

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