Friday, April 15, 2011

Off Base Crashes The Baseball Show

My good friends Clint from Diamond Hoggers and Mike at the The Golden Sombrero have a podcast called The Baseball Show. It's a great show with two guys who love baseball and are very knowledgeable about the sport. But for some reason, they keep having me on it. I was on back in February and this time I was joined by Derwood, making his long awaited podcast debut.

So if you have 90 minutes, you too can now know the story behind the forming of Off Base, the Off Base t-shirts, and Derwood's hilarious The Bobby Classifieds. We also listen to Derwood eat Cheez-Its and find out if his car catches on fire. There's also a little conversation about Jose Canseco, Yankees, Reds, Braves, Angels (more Vernon Wells!), high school versions of Jason Heyward and Buster Posey and a whole lot more...

It's always a blast talking to those guys so go check out their sites and follow them on Twitter @DiamondHoggers and @GoldenSombrero. You can usually finds us hanging out at the virtual bar.

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