Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rays Trying New Look To Draw Fans?

I have a feeling that the new uniforms might be counterproductive to onfield success. I mean really, are the lab coats necessary? This was actually the scene of the Rays' rookies (Jeremy Hellickson, Jake McGee and Desmond Jennings ) leaving the Trop after losing 2-0 to the Orioles and I assume heading to a lavish party in West Hollywood. Or it's just good old fashioned rookie hazing, I never know with these youngsters nowadays.

The Rays clinched a playoff spot despite being just 5-5 over their last 10 and Evan Longoria, David Price and Mitch Williams all complained about the attendance in Tampa Bay. Longoria and Price have since apologized and I'm awaiting Mitch Williams' apology for having a job on the MLB Network any day now. Attendance has always been an issue because of that damn bridge or so I hear, what am I, a city planner?. But the fans will show up for the playoffs, maybe, and so why not have a little fun as the long regular season winds down?

As for the rookies themselves, only Jeremy Hellickson has a decent amount of playing time. And 35.1 innings might be stretching the definition of "decent." But in those 35.1 innings, Hellickson has looked good posting an 8.41 K/9 and a 3.57/3.82/3.95 line. That's ERA/FIP/xFIP and I don't know if anybody uses that line or not but get used to it around these parts. McGee has tossed 3.2 innings of 2.45/2.82/3.56 ball so we don't know anything about him. Likewise, Jennings has only 24 plate appearances and a .190/.292/.333 line but really pulls off the knee-highs with sandals look. I am getting old, I'm still just wearing pants.

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