Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Curveballs for Jobu

Curveballs for Jobu is Offbasepercentage's daily trip around the ballparks.

Today's honorary bay boy is Damian Rolls and he's happy the Rays are in first place.

Today's roundup of yesterday's games comes just before tonight's games. But I have an excuse this time. I had to drive up to Baton Rouge today and my window to steal the Internet is limited. Also, today's Jobu is in honor of a good buddy of mine who welcomed his daughter into the world today so no "your sister jokes" or "dick jokes" in this post. Which is really going to handcuff me, let's get to it...

Rays 1, Yankees 0 (11). The Rays overtook the Yankees for first place in the East in the most meaningless divisional race ever. It really doesn't matter which teams finishes first. The slight edge in home field advantage in the ALCS is cancelled out by the fact that the Rays get nervous when more than 40 people show up to a home game. Reid Brignac hit the pinch hit, walkoff homer in the 11th to spoil CC Sabathia's 8 shutout inning gem. I hope not getting that win doesn't cost him the Cy Young. That was written in my sarcasm font.

Padres 6, Rockies 4. The Padres clearly don't read this blog and therefore don't subscribe to my theory that the Rockies are incapable of losing in September. The Pads halted the Rox 10-game winning streak and regained a 2.5 game lead over the Rox and stayed up a half of game over the Giants. For the good of my theory, I choose not believe this game took place. New blog favorite Troy Tulowitzki hit a three run bomb that I will allow to stand though.

A's 3, Royals 1. Just thought I'd mention this game happened for anyone who doesn't live in Kansas City or Oakland. You're welcome.

Phillies 11, Marlins 4.
Braves 4, Nationals 0.

The Phils and Brave beat up on their NL East brethren but it's Philadelphia that remains a game up on Atlanta for first place. Werth, Utley, Chooch and Greg Dobbs homered for the Phils. Greg Dobbs was of the pinch hit variety because why would he be in that lineup. Derek Lowe tossed 8 shutout innings for the Bravos striking out 12. The Billy Wagner struck out the side for the save. I didn't believe any of that either until I remembered it was against the Nats.

Reds 7, Diamondbacks 2. Jay Bruce went 3-4 with 2 home runs and is now hitting .353/.423/.741 since August 1st. The Reds a really good young, cheap core of players and this might be the changing of the guard in the NL Central. Face it, the Cardinals won't have any payroll flexibility after they sign the Arch over to Pujols soon and that team ain't getting any younger. The Cubs are the Cubs. And the Astros and Pirates? Well maybe if they combined teams, they could finish 3rd.

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