Friday, November 9, 2012

Twins Seek Free Agents, Free Agents Seek Anywhere Else

The Star Tribune posted a list, that was originally broadcasted by KFTP's Darren Wolfson, listing pitchers that are on the Minnesota Twins free agent wish list this winter. And I, your humble author, am going to safely assume that these pitchers put the Twins somewhere between the Royals and Astros on their list of hopeful destinations. Other than the five indoor water parks, the Mall of America and the "too happy for their own good" Canadian outcasts, I don't see many reasons why a player would sign with a team that can't get itself out of the AL Central's basement.

If you chose to not click the link, the list is as follows: Anibal Sanchez, Ryan Dempster, Brandon McCarthy, Brett Myers and Brandon Webb.
First, Brandon Webb. Yes, that Brandon Webb. Are we really still talking about Webb making a comeback? He hasn't pitched a meaningful game since 2009 and has had two, count em, two rotator cuff surgeries in that time. He's minor league depth at this point. Moving on.

Sanchez just proved his moxie in the playoffs pitching for the Tigers. He's also asking for six years and $90MM for his next contract which puts him waaaaaaay out of the Twins price range. Ryan Dempster pitched great for the Cubs and then admirably for the Rangers down the stretch. He may be 35, but could easily get a few years from a contending team. Call me crazy, but the Twins might as well not bother with these two. They've tasted winning, and the Twins don't have the Nationals pocket books (see Werth, Jayson). Even if the Twins and either players respective agents got into serious contract negotiations over a game of cards, Ted Ryan would eventually yell out WAR, which would be countered by "intangibles," and then they would end up playing Go Fish.

Brandon McCarthy, the stat man himself, already has the upper hand in that argument. They could yell WAR all they want at him, but he would simply counter with a "check out my sweet BB/9, SO/BB and HR/9 ratios." Is he a big ticket free agent, no. But, he still is a pitcher who at the back end of a rotation for a contender, or soon to be contending team, of which the Twinkies are neither. Brett Myers has turned into Mr. "I can pitch as anything you want me to be," and good for him for being so flexible. Bad for the Twins as that means his value his higher than that of any other innings eater on the market since he can be simply slotted into the bullpen if the team he signs with doesn't need an innings eater. Twins chances on these two, minimal, and I would probably have to put my eyes back into my head if they did get either one of these guys.

So, where does this leave the Twins? In blow up mode. As in, blow it all up and start from scratch. Trade Denard Span, trade Mourneau. For the love of all things holy, try to get out from underneath that Mauer contract. Get young, and get young fast with the right guys. But keep Gardenhire, because he fills the MLB's quota on managers with chubby cheeks. 


  1. lame article.

    If you throw enough money people will want to come here. Myers cause he will absolutely be a starter without worrying about being put into the bullpen if the money is right. It the Twins can trade for another pitcher then we are 1 good pitcher away from being a contender in the central. We'll get there you just have to be patient like the rest of us.