Friday, September 30, 2011

The Baseball Show: Playoff Picks

My good friend Mevs of Diamond Hoggers fame was kind enough to invite me back on the Baseball Show Thursday night. Another two hour podcast in the books. I'm coming for you, Kevin Goldstein.

It's been a while since we recorded a podcast so we pretty much discussed baseball for the full two hours. I only derailed into talking about deer antler spray once and I think MLB disconnected my phone.

-We recapped the craziest six minute span of baseball possibly ever from Wednesday night.

-We mourned the seasons of our favorite teams. Mevs discussed the Reds and I complained some more about Vernon Wells.

-We made our playoff picks for the first round. Check it out because I'll be bragging later.

-We make our award picks. Mine were done on the spot, actual voting may vary.

-Plus more!

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