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Your 2011 All Star Game Payrolls

Ever wonder how much an All Star team would cost? Well, I do too after roughly half (or 10%, if you want to split hairs) of Major League players were, at some point, added to the 2011 All Star rosters. This year's biggest snub, Andrew McCutchen, was seemingly passed over half a dozen times before being added to the NL squad and now he's starting for them. I was at work and the voicemail is a little garbled but I think I had a chance to replace Jon Lester on the AL team if I could have correctly named the Academy Award winner for best movie in 1975.

Despite players backing out because of injuries, faux-juries, travel plans and overall disinterest, MLB will still play the All Star Game on Tuesday. It's a good thing it counts for something. Anyway, here are the payrolls...

American League All StarsNational League All Stars
C Alex Avila, DET - $450,000C Brian McCann, ATL - $6,500,000
1B Adrian Gonzalez, BOS- $5,500,001B Prince Fielder, MIL - $15,500,000
2B Robinson Cano, NYY - $10,000,0002B Rickie Weeks, MIL - $3,500,000
3B Adrian Beltre, TEX - $14,000,0003B Scott Rolen, CIN - $6,500,000
SS Asdrubal Cabrera, CLE - $2,025,000SS Troy Tulowitzki, COL - $5,500,000
OF Jose Bautista, TOR - $8,000,000OF Lance Berkman, HOU - $8,000,000
OF Curtis Granderson, NYY - $8,250,000OF Andrew McCutchen, PIT - $452,500
OF Josh Hamilton, TEX - $7,250,000OF Matt Kemp, LAD - $6,950,000
DH David Ortiz, BOS - $12,500,000
Josh Beckett, BOS - $15,750,000Heath Bell, SD - $7,500,000
Aaron Crow, KC - $1,000,000 Tyler Clippard, WAS - $433,000
Gio Gonzalez, OAK - $420,000Kevin Correia, PIT - $3,000,000
Brandon League, SEA - $2,250,000 Roy Halladay, PHI - $20,000,000
Alexi Ogando, TEX - $430,150Joel Hanrahan, PIT - $1,400,000
Chris Perez, CLE - $2,225,000Jair Jurjjens, ATL - $3,250,000
Michael Pineda, SEA - $414,000Clayton Kershaw, LAD - $500,000
David Robertson, NYY - $460,450Craig Kimbrel, ATL - $419,000
Ricky Romero, TOR - $750,000Cliff Lee, PHI - $11,000,000
Jose Valverde, DET - $7,000,000Tim Lincecum, SF - $13,000,000
Jordan Walden, LAA - $414,000Jonny Venters, ATL $429,500
Jered Weaver, LAA - $7,370,000Ryan Vogelsong, SF - $414,500
C.J. Wilson, TEX - $7,000,000Brian Wilson, SF - $6,500,000
C Russell Martin, NYY - $4,000,000C Yadier Molina, STL - $5,250,000
C Matt Wieters, BAL - $452,250C Miguel Montero, ARI - $3,200,000
1B Miguel Cabrera, DET - $20,000,0001B Gaby Sanchez, FLA - $431,000
1B Paul Konerko, CWS - $12,000,0001B Joey Votto, CIN - $5,500,000
2B Howie Kendrick, LAA - $3,300,0002B Brandon Phillips, CIN - $11,000,000
3B Kevin Youklis, BOS - $12,000,0003B Pablo Sandoval, SF - $500,000
SS Jhonny Peralta, CLE - $5,250,000SS Starlin Castro, CHC - $440,000
OF Michael Cuddyer, MIN - $10,500,000OF Carlos Beltran, NYM - $18,500,000
OF Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS - $2,400,000OF Hunter Pence, HOU - $6,900,000
OF Matt Joyce, TB - $426,500OF Jay Bruce, CIN - $2,750,000
OF Carlos Quentin, CWS - $5,050,000OF Andre Ethier, LAD - $9,250,000
DH Michael Young, TEX - $16,000,000OF Matt Holliday, STL - $17,000,000
OF Justin Upton, ARI - $4,250,000

AL Starters TotalNL Starters Total
AL Starters AVGNL Starters AVG
AL Pitchers TotalNL Pitchers Total
AL Pitchers AVGNL Pitchers AVG
AL Reserves TotalNL Reserves Total
AL Reserves AVGNL Reserves AVG
AL TotalNL Total

UPDATE:Matt Holliday will start in place of Ryan Braun instead of Andrew McCutchen. Unfortunately, I no longer have the desire to correct this post since it appears to be to subject to change until Wednesday morning.

Here's the link to last year's ASG payrolls. No, I haven't gotten any better at HTML since then.

What a difference a year makes. Actually, what a difference the Yankees make. Last year the AL crushed the NL in All Star salary due to the Yanks. It's much more even this year after Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera won't be participating after making the team. That's $86,285,714 of payroll between them. You could buy the NL reserves for that.

Andrew McCutchen is criminally underappreciated and underpaid. With four years of arbitration ahead of him with the Pirates, it will be interesting to see which one corrects itself first.

Special thanks to Off Base intern @Filosomesa who tracked down all of the contract info for me. Cots is a great site and all but the poor guy had to look up almost every player in baseball.

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  1. This is my first time visiting here and I find this piece fascinating. I think you missed a golden opportunity to take a swipe at the Yankees, whose opening day payroll, according to Cot's Baseball Contracts, was $207,047,964. That's more than either 34-man All-Star roster, and it only includes 31 players (though one of them is Kei Igawa).