Friday, February 18, 2011

A-Rod To Buy Fancy-Pants Penthouse

It appears Alex Rodriquez is moving to the Upper West Side. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that A-Rod is set to buy a five bedroom condo in the Rushmore Building that overlooks the Hudson River for around $6 million. This kind of real estate investment will likely set A-Rod back a full month's worth of paychecks.

So what does $6 million buy somebody on Riverside Blvd. and W. 64th St.? After some exhaustive (seven and a half minutes) research, this is the best I could come up with. The floorplan is from the 37th floor instead of A-Rod's 35th floor condo but I can't imagine there is a difference.
That's just about 3,600 sq. ft. The black and white floorplan might not convey the fancy-pantsness of the condo so in anti-slideshow fashion, here's a virtual tour. Suck on that Bleacher Report.

Ah, the living room. This is where A-Rod and Cameron Diaz will entertain celebrities and diplomats with swanky cocktail parties. I fear my invitations will once again be lost in the mail. Even though I'd be the perfect guest to debate the awesomeness of being a centaur with Alex or how hot Cameron used to be in The Mask.

This would be where the magic happens. Let's move along quickly before someone imagines something nauseating.

A-Rod's new foyer. This will surely be fitted with some rather revealing and disturbing life size statues of Rodriguez.

This bathroom is from a different floorplan but probably won't be that much different than his. I couldn't find out whether or not it comes with an attendant to hand out cologne and breath mints.

The Rushmore also has a bunch of classy amenities that Alex won't be caught dead in. This concludes my Cribs tour of A-Rod's new digs. Sorry i couldn't get a peek into the fridge. But I'm guessing it contains a bunch of healthy stuff I've never heard of. Mine is filled with rum and pizza rolls.

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