Friday, February 18, 2011

MLB 2K11 Official Trailer

This post is rather self explanatory. MLB 2K11 released its official trailer and the game looks pretty damn good. Of course, the most frequently played video games by the Off Base crew include Sega Genesis hockey, RBI Baseball and Wii bowling. So the graphics alone kinda freak us out. See for yourself...

My favorite highlight is Chris Coghlan making an error in the outfield. Unfortunately for the Marlins, the guys at 2K Sports seem to be pretty prescient. I hope that's the case anyway because I'm pretty sure I saw Vernon Wells crush a homer for the Angels in that clip.

They'll also be running another $1,000,000 Perfect Game competition. If you're just now hearing about that from Off Base and win, you owe us 12.5% of your winnings. Check the fine print, my attorney got his degree from one of the finest online universities in Eastern Europe.

1 comment:

  1. Do NOT trust this game. It will lure you in, and then it will make you hate your life b/c it's so frustrating. It makes you miserable!