Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Indians Equipment Leaves For Spring Training Friday

Is this really news? I think I've identified the slowest news stage of the off-season. It's this week. The biggest baseball news was that Rob Neyer left ESPN for SB Nation. Other than that, I think most baseball scribes were filling their time by making up variations of snowpocolypse on Twitter. Except for the guys at Fangraphs* who crank out tons of words everyday because I'm pretty sure Dave Cameron is running that place like it's a sweatshop with whips and arms chained to laptops.

But I officially realized we're in the news doldrums of the baseball year when Paul Hoynes scraped the bottom of the barrel for this gem...
This winter can't last forever, right?

One of the sure signs that the snow will eventually stop and the ice will melt takes place Friday when the Indians' equipment truck leaves Progressive Field for Goodyear, Ariz., to prepare for spring training.
I like Hoynsie but if we don't get that man some real baseball to write about soon, I'm afraid Cleveland fans can look forward to a series of articles about the condition of the carpet in the clubhouse.

Hurry up, Spring Training.

*Obviously, I know BP, BA and a ton of other places are still cranking out awesome content but still...

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