Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Mustache Silhouette T-Shirts Please

This could be the greatest line of MLB T-shirts I've ever seen. I'm more of a beard guy than a mustache guy but I can't deny the awesomeness of these shirts. The shirts feature the silhouettes of famous mustachioed players from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. You can find the 13 shirt collection under Nike's Cooperstown Heritage line for $20 a pop. If there was a Vlad Guerrero Angels version, I would have already been out $20.

Instead, this is the order that I plan on purchasing my private collection.

1. Michael Jack Schmidt

I lived in Marlton, New Jersey for six years growing up. Philadelphia was basically the next town over. We took a field trip to the Vet when I was a youngster and I'm pretty sure running on that turf ruined my little league career. My knees were never the same.

2. Roland Glen Fingers

This probably would have been cooler as an Oakland shirt but the old school Brewers logo and colors were pretty sweet. Plus that is the only facial hair I've never sported out of this collection. I'm not proud of any part of that last sentence.

3. Oswaldo José Guillén Barrios

Provided that is Ozzie Gullien. I can't be completely sure since Nike didn't label any of these and it gets a little tricky in some places. Maybe my boy Mike at The Golden Sombrero can give me an educated guess.

3A. Johan Alexander Santana Araque

Um, that's is Johan, right? Dave Brown was guessing Kirby Puckett but that has to be Johan. Definitely Johan. Probably. It's Johan. Maybe. (UPDATE: Nike says it's Kirby)

3B. Jeffrey Robert Bagwell and Kenneth Gene Caminiti combo

Hey Jeff and Ken, if this is modeled after you, please raise your hand. Bagwell it is. Too soon? Lighten up, people. (UPDATE: It's Jeff)

Derwood's Birthday Present, Don Mattingly

If that's not Mattingly, I'm going to get an earful tomorrow. If it is Mattingly, I'm not sure I can afford the $20 for the shirt anyway. It turns out the financial foundation of this site is tied up in some ponzi scheme litigation. (UPDATE: It's Don)

[hat tips to Big League Stew and Chitwood & Hobbs]


  1. It could be Donnie, but it could also be Goose Gossage

  2. Either way, the best one is the Reggie shirt.

  3. So after countless hours of research (not really), I've concluded that your guess that it's Ozzie Guillen is...correct.

    I had a preliminary suspicion that it might be Harold Baines, but due to the popularity of the other players on the shirts, it has to be the Oz.

    If it were Bainesy, I would probably think it's that much cooler.

    By the way, based upon the criteria of the other shirts, I'm gonna guess that the Twins one is Kirby The Beater, not Johan The Adulterer.

  4. Nike says it's Kirby but if I get that one, I'm telling people it's Johan. Nike still has said who the Sox one is. Well, at first, they said it was Wade Boggs. Maybe the printer got the wrong Sox?

  5. Well if that's the case, somebody definitely needs to lose their job.

  6. Yeah, I would hope so. But now I kinda want a Wade Boggs Red Sox shirt. And I hate the Red Sox.

  7. I have been seeing these when i go to baseball games now. They are freaking awesome and i need one for the games.