Sunday, January 30, 2011

Long Island Liquor King Wants Part Of Mets

The Wilpons are having some financial problems and this time it has nothing to do with Omar Minaya or Ollie Perez. With big losses potentially looming from the Madoff litigation, the Wilpons are looking to sell a 20-25% stake in the Mets. Or more accurately, they're looking for someone to give them 20-25% of the Mets value which was estimated at $858M by Forbes last April.

Of course, people are coming out of the woodwork with an interest in snatching up part of New York's other baseball team including Martin Luther King III and, my favorite, the Long Island Liquor King...
Silver, a liquor distributor and owner of the Georgi Vodka brand, said he is only willing to invest if he has some say in day-to-day operations of the team.

"Anybody who is going to the bank to borrow money and invest in the team isn't going to be okay with having no say in operations," said Silver.

Silver said the $858 million that Forbes estimates the team is worth is high and wants the Wilpons be "more realistic" about the price.
I'd like to pledge my support for Martin Silver even though I've never heard of Georgi Vodka (I am happy to write a review if he sends me a case though). It's a match made in heaven. Mets fans will finally be able to get their reason to drink and booze from the same place. That's synergy.

Possible Mets Drinking Games

*Take a shot for every day Jose Reyes spends on the DL

*Drink until you find a plausible reason for the Luis Castillo contract

*Blackout when the Mets are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in July

*Buy Four Loko from the Internet when they reacquire Jeff Francoeur from Kansas City

*Something about Johan Santana being injured or K-Rod punching a father figure.

I kind of ran out of steam there at the end.

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