Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Caught Looking

Caught Looking is MTD's links that thought that curveball was just a bit outside.

*There can be only one Highlander. MLB Trade Rumors reports the Cubs have claimed Max Rameriz. That leaves the struggling Taylor Teagarden as the only catcher left in the once vaunted Rangers' backstop trio. Jarrod Saltalamacchia was dealt to the Red Sox during the 2010 season and they also briefly claimed Ramirez.

*Back to MLB Trade Rumors for a sec, the Angels are still in on Scott Podsednik. My thoughts on this potential signing involve a combination of a toilet flush and bicycle horn which I haven't been able to find on Youtube or created on my own yet.

*Our friend Mike over at The Golden Sombrero looks at what the signing of Will Ohman means for Chris Sale's future in the White Sox rotation. He makes some very good points but I think Sale is an asset in the bullpen right now and would hate to see him get the "Joba treatment."

*You all know how good Larry Granillo is at writing about baseball. Well, Wezen-Ball has a new look and it's finally time to rank the Kids In The Hall. My vote is Dave Foley (loved News Radio), Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch and then Scott Thompson.

*The guys over at The Platoon Advantage had a blog fight over Jack Morris' HOF worthiness. And the Common Man might have won me over with his Mona Lisa example but I was already loaded on Absinthe and half way through figuring out Da Vinci's code that's going to lead me to a pot of gold.

*Our BBA General Chapter pres is doing this much better than I am right now. So in the meantime, enjoy Blogging From The Bleachers roundups here and here.

I promise I'll get better at these once somebody shows me when this 7 a.m. happens.

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