Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Defending My Benito Santiago HOF Vote

The 2011 Hall of Fame voting has commenced and Offbase has received a letter from the one writer who voted for former catcher Benito Santiago.

My name is Rory Carsdale and I'm a staff writer/backdoor look out for the Plumptin Valley Times. I'm here to defend my Hall of Fame vote for Benito Santiago. Oh, hang on, somebody moved my Marvell Wynne bobblehead doll...and it's NEXT TO MY HOLE PUNCHER?! Barry!

OK. First of all, let's remember:

1. 1987
2. Rookie of the Year

I'm not sure why I need to continue, but I will. Benito Santiago, a catcher, tried to throw out would-be base stealers by throwing from his knees. And sometimes those runners would be out. You know what the opposite of "out" is? "In". Which is what Santiago should be in relation to the Hall of Fame.

Let's take a look at Santiago's career numbers:

* 217 home runs. 259th all-time, one behind Bob Horner, who once hit four home runs in ONE GAME.
* 1,830 RBIs. Most career RBIs by a Santiago.
* 1991: led the majors in grounding into double plays with 21. You know how many HOFers have led their league in GIDP? I have no idea and I'm not looking it up, but my bet is zero. The Hall needs a GIDP champion, and that champion is Benito Rivera Santiago.

One final thought: in 2002 Santiago, at age 37, finished 20th in the NL MVP voting. Junior Spivey finished six spots ahead of Santiago. Am I saying Junior Spivey should get a HOF vote? Check back with me in 2012.


  1. Based on the percentages, it looks like Santiago got 2 votes. Who is the other one?

  2. Santiago only got the 1 vote for 0.2%. Tragically, it looks like he'll fall just short.

  3. Kevin said....
    I respect your opinion however Benito in the hall of fame is a joke, not only does he not have the numbers for the HOF, you left out a couple of MINOR notes. 2002 investigated by the FBI for a drug shipment sent to him, to his home in Puerto Rico. 2003 admitted to the FBI he had been taken steroids... and god only knows for how long, and last but certainly not least in 2007 linked to a Kansas City multi million drug dealer who when busted by the FBI, the drug dealer was driving a vehicle owned by Benito and claimed that he and Benito became friends when Benny played in KS in 2004. Look it up, all of this is very well documented.Now is that the kind of athlete that deserves to be in the HOF? My understanding is that HOF candidates should have HOF stats, numbers and great reputation both on and off the field. Benito doesn't meet any of these criterias.Please feel free to correct me if you disagree. Congrtulations to Robero Alomar....he was a joy to watch on the field!

  4. Hey Kevin and Frank, thanks for taking the time to post but I kind of think you guys are missing the point here. We don't have a BBWAA ballot and nobody from the BBWAA has or would contact us. This was strictly a parody post. We in no way believe Santiago deserved even his lone vote.

    Now Junior Spivey on the other hand...