Sunday, October 17, 2010

BBA NL Goose Gossage Award Ballot

Baseball's award season is upon us and we finally have a vote that counts for something this year. We're proud members of the Baseball Blogger Alliance and they've been kind enough to give us ballots. The only thing the BBWAA ever gave us was a virus when we opened their penis enlargement email. Not that we need it. Today we'll be unveiling our NL Goose Gossage ballot for reliever of the year. Note: I completely ignored saves.

1. Carlos Marmol
I'm just as shocked as you. I expected John Axford to finish higher on my ballot than the Cubs' closer. But Marmol had some ungodly stats. Strap on your nerd skis, it's all down hill from here. And yes, I realize I'm getting lamer by the minute, please don't send emails to inform of that. I'm actively looking for help. Marmol finished with a 2.55/2.01/2.95 (ERA/FIP/xFIP) line which was good for an NL reliever best 3.1 WAR. All of that would have been good enough for me to give him the top spot on this ballot but the ridiculous 15.99 K/9 rate sails him past the rest of the competition. Marmol did that over 77.2 innings which is more than a lot of relievers can say. Surprisingly dominant. I honestly can't wait to see the outcome of this voting because I don't think Marmol got enough credit this year.

2. Brian Wilson
Sure his playoff beard used to sell Oxy Clean on infomercials. Wilson was fantastic in the closer role for the Giants in 2010. Over 74.2 innings, he tossed 1.81/2.19/2.99 good for the second highest reliever WAR in baseball (2.7). Wilson struck out 11.21 over 9 innings and, more importantly, his facial hair was only overshadowed by whatever is growing out of Jayson Werth's face.

3. Heath Bell
Call me a sucker for WAR. Go ahead, I'll wait. Bell finished third in baseball with his 2.4 reliever WAR. He tossed 1.93/2.05/3.11 ball while striking out 11.06 over 9 innings. Bell's competition for this spot was Billy Wagner. Wagner went 1.43/2.10/2.34 for a 2.2 WAR. Unfortunately for Wagner, rock beats scissors. Science.

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