Sunday, December 9, 2012

RA Dickey is an Oxymoron

We expect baseball players to do things like, have a training day with the New York City Fire Department or, Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for human trafficking in India. What we don't expect from baseball players is to find out that they are avid readers of C.S. Lewis or that they own a copy of Life of Pi. These findings destroy stereotypes. Ball players are jocks. Period. They gather around in a circle, jump up and down, put there hands in the middle and yell "WIN!" They don't get together in a corner and engulf themselves in books with titles like The Weight of Glory. It's not natural. 

But then R.A. Dickey had to go on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

It's good for Dickey that he is getting to enjoy all the trappings of being the Cy Young Award winner. He's old in baseball years, and he's really old if he were a canine. But he's not, so, lucky him. His name still has the word "Dick" in it, so I'm gonna let the penis jokes fly when I get the chance. 

Part 1:

In case you missed it in there, he most certainly did drop the word "circuitous" (ser-kyoo-i-tuh s). It caught Stewart's attention too, and surprisingly, didn't knock him to the floor.

Part 2:

So, to recap, R.A. Dickey is a 38 year old lover of the written word, feels wonderful feeling small, has an impressive vocabulary and gets to speak to Phil Neikro. I am incredibly jealous, and I am falling in love at the same time. Mostly because of his hair because it's wavy. 

R.A. Dickey ladies and gentlemen, making nerds and (as Stewart said) poindexters look good, one knuckleball at a time.

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