Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adam Greenberg Gets One More Actual Chance

He can't believe it either
Once upon a time. I was a baseball player. I had baseball playing friends, baseball playing good times and baseball playing habits. I had a dream, just like every other 10 year old out there, to play in the big leagues one day. I was going to be a star. Then this crazy thing called reality happened. Luckily for me, it wasn't a heat seeking baseball hell bent on crushing the back of my skull that forced me to rethink my life's path. In Adam Greenberg's case, that was exactly the case. Unfortunate as it was, that's life.

Adam's Story has been told around the internet ad nauseum. As well as the one more at bat campaign that eventually led to the "serious" Major League organization in Miami to grant him his one more at bat. In case you missed it. Here's what happened.....

It's kind of cruel to have him come up in his one at bat, to face R.A. fucking Dickey, don't ya think? Oh well, that's life, isn't it. But I doubt Greenberg was complaining, what with it being four years since the last time he played MLB affiliated baseball.

On Saturday, the Orioles announced that they had agreed with Adam to a minor league deal, and he will get a shot to make their AAA affiliate in Norfolk, VA. And thanks to the interwebz and this Seattle Times article, we get to have blockquote time as well.

"To get the opportunity with the Orioles means everything to me," he said Saturday.

"I just walked up to him, introduced myself," Greenberg recalled. "I've always kind of looked at Buck and said that would be the guy that I would love to play for, that type of hard-nose mentality."

Aaaaaaaaaaand cue the publicity hype. Greenberg was once a good young player, could've carved himself a nice little career. And, if he gets to the Show again, say in a September callup roll, I hope he gets a hit his next time around. I hope he gets to take the field and do more than just occupy a batter's box. I just can't help but think that this is just a way to generate interest in a team that might think it's 2012 was a little bit fluky. Of course, when you outperform your Pythagorean Record by 11 games, I could understand how those thoughts could creep into the organizations head.

Good luck Adam, maybe ask David Wright for one of his gigantic helmets, and as hard is it may seem, let's improve on that .500 OBP you've got. One more at bat? Pffft. Someone give this guy a game.

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