Friday, December 17, 2010

Jose Canseco: 2010 Royals DH?

Jose Canseco has taken to Twitter, rather than the canary who lives in his hair, to publicly declare himself a free agent. Canseco, who last played baseball in 2001, is 46 and last year fought Danny Bonaduce in an MMA fight, said he could be the designated hitter for any MLB team and lead the league in home runs.

One of Canseco's Twitter messages: I am and will always be just simply a baseball player, my tomb stone will just say. Baseball deserves its own post, and perhaps, it's own blog.

Like an early Christmas present, Canseco made this home movie of himself hitting at a Dave & Busters (speculation). Canseco claims the pitching machine is throwing 94 M.P.H.

Couple things about the video:

1. He made that up about the speed of the pitches.
2. His second swing was a foul out to an imaginary catcher that only Canseco sees. His name is Randy.

It may be time for someone to go to the couch Canseco is living under, put him in the van and give him the big, orange pill with the dolphin on it. If no one wanted to give Barry Bonds a job, at age 43 coming off a 1.045-OPS season in 2008, why would someone give Canseco a job, at age 46, coming off a video where he hit .275 at a Malibu Grand Prix Entertainment Center?

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