Monday, November 8, 2010

Joe Morgan, Fired

In a move that will surely destroy my Sunday Night Baseball drinking game, ESPN has decided to not renew the contracts of the announcing duo of Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. Miller may stay on with ESPN to continue his radio work but Morgan was told no thank you. Most of the baseball blogosphere is rejoicing tonight after hearing the news but I built an entire drinking game around Joe Morgan's nonsensical stories, stat bashing and referrals to his playing days. I'm going to miss being drunk by the third inning. Here's what the four letter told Richard Sandomir...
“We’ve decided to make a change and introduce new voices and new perspective,” said Norby Williamson, an executive vice president of ESPN. He added: “Twenty one years is an eternity in this business. And today is about acknowledging the contributions they made to the franchise.”
Ken Tremendous and the rest of the prophets at Fire Joe Morgan are no doubt popping the corks of their proverbial champagne. I reluctantly approve of this move because before my drinking game, I had to watch SNB on mute. I have nothing against Jon Miller but Joe Morgan's crusade against advanced metrics was aggravating. On base percentage is an actual thing, Joe, people understand it now.

Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser look like the heir apparents and I think they will be a great team. I can begrudgingly give up the drinking game for some intelligent game calling.

The collateral damage here is no more of my Weekly Cup of Joe where I ripped a question and answer from an ESPN Joe Morgan chat. Obviously FJM did it better but it was fun while it lasted. I guess this will be one of the last times I get to use my Joe Morgan cup pic. *chugs the rest of the Icee, brain freeze*


  1. I think that Joe Morgan made the game, is probably the very best color guy in the business and just because he is outspoken and opinionated (who isn't - certainly not you -fucking drunk) His baseball knowledge and the fact that he is a hall of famer - just made it that much better - You probably like joe buck - and let me tell you it's joe buck that sucks!!!

  2. Frankly, I'm amazed it took almost nine months for someone to call me a fucking drunk. Unfortunately, calling Joe Morgan the best color guy in the business makes all of your other points invalid. Thanks for playing though.