Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (Ft. Slapsgiving)

Ah, Thanksgiving. The ultimate American holiday to show off our glutenous ways. I'm not sure when Thanksgiving became a competitive eating contest between friends and family but there is no denying it is now the mortal enemy of turkeys, shirt buttons and dent free couches.

This is the space where most bloggers announce how thankful they are for their excellent writing staff but I'm not going to waste your time patting myself on the back. I've already had to go see Dr. James Andrews once after tearing my rotator cuff doing so.

Since I have no way to tie Thanksgiving into baseball, I will just share this wonderful How I Met Your Mother Slapsgiving gif with you, my dear readers. Have a safe and merry Turkey Day and don't forget to slap the ones you love.


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