Friday, November 12, 2010

Girl Charged With Stealing Nude Pics Of Sizemore

The villainous Intertube Grady Sizemore stalker has been charged with a gross misdemeanor for stealing nude photos of Sizemore after a little Facebook stalking and hackery. Grady's Ladies nod their head in gratuitous approval. The Cleveland Indians superstar center fielder, when healthy, sent some NSFW photos to his Playboy Playmate girlfriend, Brittany Binger, sometime in August 2009 because nothing turns chicks on more than pictures of yourself naked in mirror shots. Despite what all of the retraining orders that have been filed against me by Hollywood actresses would have me believe.

Here's what the Star Tribune had to say...
An Apple Valley woman was charged on Tuesday with breaking into a model's e-mail account and stealing racy photos of Cleveland Indians baseball player Grady Sizemore, which were widely posted on the Internet last year.


Leah M. Ayers, 19, has been charged by the city of Apple Valley with two counts of unauthorized computer access, a gross misdemeanor. She could not be reached for comment.
I blame this entirely on Sizemore's girlfriend. They tell you what a good security password is now and I'm sure gradysizemoresgrrl24 wasn't too hard to break. My friend Chris got it on his 4th try. He doesn't even like baseball which brings up a whole new set of questions.

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  1. ya...the only guys that get Playmates are rich athletes.