Saturday, June 15, 2013

Miguel Olivo Put on the "Go Sit in the Corner" List

The loosely considered professional baseball organization that resides in Miami, Florida was in the news today, thanks to one, Miguel Olivo. Olivo demanded a release from Jefferey Loria's team for the third time last night, and was denied for the third time last night. So in true professional style, Olivo watched the first inning from the clubhouse, then showered, then got dressed, then left. Totally fake Unofficial reports suggested that the list thing heard from the one time decent backstop turned third string catcher was, "Screw you guys, I'm going home." This, of course, is yet to be confirmed.

What was confirmed however, were lengthy quotes from the disgruntled player. And disgruntled probably isn't a true depiction of what he actually is right now. Disgruntled is simply playing for the Miami Marlins. Olivo is both signed to the Marlins and is behind Jeff Mathis on the depth chart. Ouch. Cue the blockquoting extravaganza.
 "I don't understand why they don't release me. I told them I wanted to be released because I have 30 days of not playing. I need to play."
That seems fair. You can't just not play a guy, right? He has had only one start since May, 12th, but his "not playing in 30 days line" is a tad inaccurate. Maybe he suffers from Alzheimer's. He has actually appeared in 12 games (including the start) since May, 12th. So he is playing, kind of. Just less then Jeff Mathis. OK, come to think of it, he might as well have not been playing if Mathis is starting over him.
 "They say we need you for pinch-hitting," Olivo said. "I said I've never been a pinch-hitter in my life. That's not my game."
Unless your name is Matt Stairs, pinch-hitting is not your game. It's nobody's game. But with a .240 career average in 55 career plate appearances as a pinch hitter, you may want to simply accept that role. Even if you do only have one hit in your last eight chances to pinch hit. But, then again, Jeff Mathis.
"If I'm not doing nothing, I don't understand why they keep me doing nothing. Let me go. Right now they're going to make me look bad, and I'm not. I hope people understand. I just want to play baseball. They have three catchers."
Oh my word, grammar, for the win.
 "I'm just praying to God they release me and don't be selfish. I've been very professional. I've done everything I could to help the team. They're only hurting one person, and that's me. I'm a nice person. I don't want to hurt nobody."
Hard to buy the term, "professional," when you walk out on your teammates. Just, you know, saying.

At 34 years old, Miguel Olivo may need to seriously reevaluate how he is approaching this situation. He asked for a release from the Cincinnati Reds because he wasn't going to make the Opening Day roster. If you are even half-decent behind the plate, you are going to be put on a big league roster. The Marlins may actually view him as a good backup to the backup, and by using him as a defensive replacement late in games (why, I don't know) they are proving that to him.

Every player gets to this point in their career where they are no longer considered "starting material," or even "backup material." Miguel Olivo seems to be reaching that point. Or maybe the Marlins like the fact that he is making $800,000 this year. And considering that Jefferey Loria is the owner, you can never rule out the money factor. Whatever it is, it might just be time for Olivo to take a seat, collect his paycheck and not cause a ruckus. But then again, Jeff Mathis.

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