Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jets Should Try Trading For Trevor Bauer

Unless you're my grandpa who can't work the Internet and watches the toaster oven for breaking news, you probably heard all about the New York Jets almost-kinda-maybe-still trade for Tim Tebow. Football is dead to me after the Saints got blackballed from the league following the bounty-system punishment. But I've been waiting to work this video into a post for a while now and, tah-dah! *auditions to write segues for CBS sitcoms*

The Diamondbacks top prospect and former UCLA star, Trevor Bauer, has a unique warm-up routine. It may not be a classic throwing motion for a quarterback but Joe Jackson threw prettier games than Tim Tebow.

There's a cutoff man to get the ball back to Bauer! That's crazy. Not as crazy as the Kim Bauer-cougar trap plot that showed up in season two of 24 but nobody could believe that one either.

Trevor Bauer appears to be able to throw a ball more accurately and for a longer distance than Tebow. Plus if Tebow plays in the same city as Derek Jeter and A-Rod, New York sports columnists will suffer multiple strokes having to watch TMZ.

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