Friday, June 17, 2011

Chris Snyder Watches As Wife Gets Attacked

I'm not a complete monster so rest assured this story has a happy-ish ending. But any time I can connect a story about a key-wielding maniac on a scooter to baseball, well you know I have to jump at the opportunity. Pirates catcher Chris Snyder was riding in a car with his wife when she encountered the Vespa version reject from Sons of Anarchy...
Carla Snyder and the scooter-riding man, Subhash Arjanbhi Modhwadia, nearly collided Wednesday. The 44-year-old Modhwadia followed her to a gas station, kicked the vehicle and swung at Carla Snyder, police said. He also ripped a mirror off the car.

A passer-by and an off-duty police officer subdued him. Modhwadia bit the bystander and threw punches with keys between his fingers, police said. Snyders' two children also were in the car.
I realize it's unfortunate the children had to witness the spectacle but the chance to see crazy personified up close only comes around so often. He bit a bystander! I hope he was wearing a leather vest and chaps and had flame decals on his scooter. I'm glad nobody got hurt, proving the bystander is current on his shots, but a low speed chase would have made this my favorite story of the season.

Snyder was unable to come to his wife's defense due to back surgery. What a helpless feeling that must have been. Although with his .396 slugging percentage, it's unclear how much damage he could have done.

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