Saturday, January 12, 2013

Milton Bradley, Still a Douchebag

For those of you that were hoping that life after baseball would cause everyone's favorite human being Milton Bradley to transform into Wacky Uncle Milton, think again. Thanks to the interwebz and twitter, this USA Today story came across my feed. Reaffirming that Bradley  was, in fact, still a steaming pile of dog shit. Of course, being the avid baseball fan that I assume you, the reader, to be, None of the words below should come as a shock to any of you.

According to reports from said USA Today article earlier in the day, Bradley is facing up to 13 years in prison for abusing his estranged wife. Sources claim it was because she brought up a not so famous play from his days with Cubs. Bradley, of course, denies any wrong doing. Cut to the block quote:

"My client denies it," said Bradley's attorney, Harland Braun. "I've talked to him already. He said, 'She's making up stories. I don't know what she's talking about.'"
 Of course she's just making this stuff up. she just wants a piece of the $48,222,300 you made during your 12 seasons in the big leagues. Life lesson kids, be a jerk, and you too can make nearly $50 million. 

The Prosecutors paint a decidedly different picture of lovable cousin Milty though:

"During one incident in November 2012, Bradley allegedly pushed his wife against a kitchen wall and choked her with both hands after she requested that he stop smoking marijuana in front of their children and requested that his friends leave her San Fernando Valley home," 

Prosecutors contend that during other confrontations, Bradley kicked his wife in the ribs, approached her with a baseball bat and threatened her with a knife while telling her: "You'll be dead b---- before you divorce me." 

Hmmmmmmm. Going out on a limb here, but I'm thinking that the soon-to-be former Mrs. Bradley has a far more legitimate case here. Especially since "Good ol' chummy" Milt has gone with the well over used, and never successful, "She's making up stories" defense.

I would like to say that the news about Bradley being just as terrible a person at home as he was on the baseball field shocked me. Sadly, I was not surprised in the least. And to be perfectly honest, I am surprised that it took this long for news like this to come out. This story isn't funny, not in the least, and it's an issue that plagues more than just the wives of multi millionaire primadonna's. It's a legitimate problem that millions are faced with on a regular basis. I hope Bradley gets what's coming to him, and I hope the court system doesn't take it easy on him because he has money. Thank you for reaffirming that you are still a douchebag Mr. Bradley. Now please, go away. Just. Go. Away.

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