Friday, January 20, 2012

Twitter Responds To The Yu Darvish Signing

The Rangers inked Yu Darvish to a six year, $60 million deal after paying $51.7 million to negotiate with him. It was a hefty price to pay for the Japanese pitching stud. I'm no scout so I turned to Twitter to get a better idea about the Rangers new ace. Here's what I learned...

@_BrilliantBrian: I bet Yu still tricking

Deception isn't part of his game but I suppose MLBers will be confused at first.


Easy RiiLEY, Yu has modeled nude before so some chicks might dig his long ball(s).

@_StuntDaily: retweet if YU thick #strapped

Uh. I'm not doing the research on this one so refer to the previous tweet.

@HelloKiaa: Can't make me jealous, if I don't care about Yu

Oh, Alex Anthopoulos, that's a nice try posting under HelloKiaa. The Toronto GM is quite savvy in social media.

@SomethinMajor94: gud think Yu kan spell

Hey, hey... There is a 98% chance Darvish is better at English than you, buddy. That one might be a hate crime but I can't find my decoder ring.

@drewskiiii: pretty chicks want Yu to hit them up, pay for the date, gas, and make them laugh. average chicks down wit Netflix

The Rangers would probably settle with a ton of innings and a high K/9 rate but George W. Bush and Nolan Ryan wouldn't mind if Darvish could teach them Netflix too.

@ImSwaggiin: I Jus Kno Yu Hoes Hoe For a Hobby LOL

Is that the end to the pimp version of "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?"

This was just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many people talking about "Yu" on Twitter. He might be the most popular player ever.

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  1. Yu need to make me an omelet. Or at least a photo of an omelet.