Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boston Tries To Refuse The Proletariat Booze

Heading into the 2011 season, the Boston Red Sox would like to expand the availability of mixed alcoholic beverages throughout Fenway Park instead of just offering proper cocktails to the eye-monocle-wearing premium seat owners. That's right, even the blue collar worker enjoys the occasional Old Fashioned or Jager bomb. But the city of Boston, led by the police force, is afraid of what might happen if somebody was giving booze to these god damn things. From The Globe...
Representatives of the Red Sox told the Boston Licensing Board last week that the team wants the right to sell mixed drinks, in addition to beer, “at a limited number of stations’’ throughout the 37,000-seat stadium and on Yawkey Way. Currently, hard liquor is available mainly at refreshment stands serving fans with upper-level premium seats.

The proposal appeared to surprise Boston police and a representative of the mayor, prompting the three-member board to postpone a vote until after a second hearing, scheduled for next Wednesday.
Typical Bostonian snobbery, ain't that right Tawmmy? What's the worst that can happen, you fall off the back of the Monstah again?

Not to side with the government on this one, but my guess is that most of the cheap seat owners could blow a .18 before stepping foot inside Fenway. But later in the article, it says that the mixed drinks won't contain any more alcohol than the beer sold there. That's just nonsense. If I'm going to try to fight Gary Sheffield again, I'll just stick with my flask of moonshine, thank you.

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