Monday, May 31, 2010

My Memorial Day At Turner Field

I just happened to be in Atlanta over this holiday weekend for a wedding and managed to score tickets to the Braves and Phillies game today. The wedding was last night and I've been known to indulge in the free adult beverages. Let's see how my day went.

*10 a.m.* Wake up, slight hangover.

*10:15 a.m.* Realize I'm not at my friend's house I'm going to the game with. Puts on pants.

*10:45 a.m.* Get to my friend's house. Prepare a breakfast rum and coke. Don't judge me, it's a holiday.

*11:30 a.m.* Pour rum into flask. Leave for the game.

*12:30 p.m.* Spew profanities at Atlanta traffic. Get cut off. More profanity.

*1:10 p.m.* Park.

*1:20 p.m.* Miss Chipper Jones' homerun waiting in line at Will Call.

*1:40 p.m.* Visit the 755 Club and enjoy air conditioning for the last time ever.

*1:50 p.m.* Arrive at my seat down the third base line. Immediately regret my decision to wear pants. Drink hot rum out the flask.

*2:00 p.m.* I try to take a picture of Tommy Hanson.

*2:05 p.m.* I die of heat stroke.

*3:14 p.m.* The Phillies score 3 to make it 6-3 Braves. I discover why I'm not a beat writer. I missed a lot.

*3:23 p.m.* I take this picture of my buddy who got a ball during a cigarette break. Don't be impressed, I'm pretty sure he stole it from a small child.

*3:41 p.m.* Miss Troy Glaus' homerun standing in line for a $13 bottle of Powerade. It was blue.

*4:30-ish p.m.* Braves win and take over first place in the NL East.

*5:20 p.m.* I die of heat stroke and dehydration. You thought it was going to be dysentery this time, didn't you? Oregon Trail'd.

*5:35 p.m.* Beach Boys concert kicks off. Their lip synching makes Ashlee Simpson proud.

*5:37 p.m.* Remember I don't like the Beach Boys. Leave.

*6:12 p.m.* Do that thing where you nod off and catch yourself and try to play it off.

*8:30 p.m.* Nap.

*10:00 p.m.* Write this post.

*10:18 p.m.* Make a rum and coke, turn on Wii.

*11:20 p.m. in the future* Hot girl's car breaks down in front of my friends house.

Sorry, I can't publish the rest of the night but I hear Cinemax got the rights to it. How was your Memorial Day?

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